Address: 1 Harbor Point Rd, Stamford, CT 06902
Phone: (203) 614-9268

Captain John’s Tiki Tour’s launched in Harbor Point in the Spring of 2018 offering guided and crewed boat tours of the Connecticut coastline and Long Island Sound that are unique and exciting. This is an amazing area, rich in natural resources and history, and these tours allow you to see it all up close and personal. Visitors will get to see everything from stunning skyscrapers to different lighthouses, luxury yachts, beautiful views of local rivers, the sound, and harbors as well as dozens of different species of wildlife, all from a different vantage point. The Tiki Tours are BYOB!

In addition to the relaxing tiki boats, you can ride one of the 30 HP Tiki Kats in this unique deep-water adrenaline pumping boat ride. No waist deep dull paddle craft here, all guests securely ride in the twin-seat Tiki Kats for a thrill of their life! The Tiki Kats at Harbor Point in Stamford, CT. are a cross between a go-kart and an airboat but much, much safer, so come aboard and get ready for a thrill of a lifetime