About Stamford

Stamford is home to some really awesome companies. Count them up, we have four Fortune 500 Companies, nine Fortune 1000 Companies, and 13 Courant 100 Companies. And just about every large multi-national company has a reason to do business with the divisions of the hundreds of  large corporations that keep an office here. Stamford is the economic gateway to New England. This gives Stamford some street cred in having one of the largest concentrations of corporations in the nation. But it is all not about big business. We are home to innovators and startups, family businesses and creative individuals who are pursuing the next big thing.

Living in Stamford

Here in Stamford we live in lofts overlooking the Stamford harbor. We live in houses in wooded forests and tall apartment buildings with stunning views and all the amenities you could want. We live on historic tree-lined streets, quiet cul-de-sacs, and cozy cottages in walking distance to the beach. We live near a vibrant dining and entertainment district, shopping districts and can walk to a train station that can whisk us to Grand Central  Terminal, Boston, New Haven or with a little planning 3 major airports. And we know our neighbors. We see them at diners, coffee shops, libraries and theaters. We’ve got bars and clubs, museums, and art galleries, plus places to bowl, skate, or just hang out in the fresh air. We are so close to NYC we could be considered another borough, but we are enjoy our space because it is near everything but accessible.

Living Resources

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Space is abundant here, you can find your living style in any of our many neighborhoods, each with their local personality. Networking works. The city is safe. And perhaps most importantly, life in Stamford is filled with happy moments around the corner. While Stamford is often praised for its vibrant downtown and access to nature, its food scene, and its commitment to arts and culture is one of Stamford’s greatest assets. If Stamford doesn’t have it, you can find it nearby, and walk, bike, train, or drive to get it. Stamford is small enough to retain a strong sense of community. Here today, as in our over 375 years of history, we attract curious people with creative ideas,  entrepreneurs and people who want to experience more than just living for work.  We love living and working here and think you will too.

Working in Stamford

Stamford is the city that works primarily because of its people. We attract people from all over the world due to our corporate communities, but people stay here because we offer unique balance in quality of lifestyle: Stamford is dense enough to be home to  civically engaged communities, and quiet enough to retire here. You will never run out of things to do or people to meet.

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Stamford is just this great environment to do creative things in because not only is it connected to the world, but the size of the city lends itself to this incredible friendliness. But being here is only half the story, Stamford is less than an hour from Grand Central Terminal in the heart of NYC. Clients, customers, funders and mentors are just a train ride away. You can build here, and connect everywhere.