The Best Hot Dog In Stamford

Close to Scalzi Park is the type of food place that used to be found all over New England. These days it’s rare find, and The Wienery has been operating since 2012 offering Sabrett all beef hot dogs, fresh angus burgers and the toppings that can only be found here. Yes, that means the dogs are sliced and grilled New England style, for the regional purists out there.

Like everything about the history of food, classic toppings abound, but the place mixes things up with a blend of other toppings that makes America the true foodie melting pot of the world. Italian Ices, grinders, and burgers round the fresh made to order offerings.

Parking is a bit tight, but then it’s hard to park pretty much everywhere in Stamford these days.

The Wienery 
17 Bridge Street
Stamford,Ct 06905